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Harbor and Approach Channel

The main base facilities include the approach channel to the breakwater protected harbor, suitable for navigation of vessels with a maximum draft of up to 6 meters. The Approach Channel has been fitted out with navigation aids.Two anchorages, near the approach channel, are an additional feature, which has been already marked with periphery buoys installed by the Azerbaijan Navy.


The water depth in the Offshore Support Base Harbor will be 6 meters, with the exception of the deep-water jetty which will have a water depth of 8 meters. All, the approach channel, the harbor and anchorages, have been included in the latest revision of navigation maps issued by the local Hydrographic Institute.


Mooring / Loading Jetty

The built-on-breakwater mooring / loading Jetty, of 10m width, of a total length of 800m, is suitable to accommodate, at any time, up to 10 Supply Boat / Anchor Handling Tug type vessels (average LOA of 70m) or a lesser or greater number, subject to visiting vessels LOA.


The Jetty mooring arrangement will be fitted out with Fenders and Bollards designed to accommodate a pull of up to 63 ton, as well as steel frames designed to protect the jetty from steel wire rope sheaving.


Out of the 841m loading Jetty, 237m will be designed to facilitate a load bearing capacity of 300 kN/m2 and 534 m with a load bearing capacity of100 kN/m2. Further, the loading Jetty, designed for a load bearing capacity of 300 kN/m2, will be fitted out with 1 bollard certified designed to facilitate a bollard pull of 200 ton, for vessel bollard pull verification.


All Jetties will be fitted out with electric shore-to-vessel power and fresh water connection points, drainage and firefighting hydrants, as well as appropriate HSE signage and equipment.


Covered and Open Storage

Two Warehouses are available to provide covered storage, one with 2,600 m2 storage area (two floors and mezzanine deck) with a ground load bearing capacity 30kN/m2. This warehouse will be fitted out with two Gantry Cranes of 10 and 5 ton SWL respectively.


The smaller warehouse will have a 1,100 m2 storage area with a ground load bearing capacity 300 kN/m2 and will be fitted out with a Gantry Crane of 5 ton SWL.

Both warehouses will include a mobile-cabin type containerized office and will be fitted out with air condition, electrical services, telephone, security, fire alarms and firefighting systems / equipment, as well as appropriate HSE signage and equipment.


In addition to the covered storage, an open storage / laydown area of up to 30,000 m2 with a ground load bearing capacity between100 kN/m2 up to 300kN/m2 and drainage will be available. Compacted roads will be developed, suitable for mobile crane and / or forklift access as required within the open storage / laydown area. As per clients requirement additional load bearing support and / or ground / load segregation units will be available.

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