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General Amenities and Infrastructure

Offices Facilities

The base office facilities are located on three floors in a dedicated building, comprising a total area of 1,984 m2 office space for use by base and vessel repair management, as well as client representatives.


Also, the office building includes 2 areas of 640 m2 each (total 1.280 m2) which make up the building cellar and mansard. Both cellar and mansard areas can be converted to accommodate a canteen, utility equipment and / or can be upgraded to obtain additional office space if so required.


The offices will include welfare facilities, communication (telephone land lines and marine radio), and IT infrastructure, be fully air conditioned and fitted out with regulatory fire detection and fighting equipment as well as HSE signage and equipment.


Car Parking and Roads

If not otherwise detailed in this Section 4, all roads to and on the base will have tarmac covers and be designed for the load bearing capacity as required for heavy load access to the loading and vessel repair jetties, as well as warehouses and workshops.


To facilitate a short distance access to the AMM Base, from the Salyan Highway, in northerly direction, a 150 meter long road, specifically designed for heavy load transportation, will be part of the AAM Base road access system.


In addition, tarmac covered parking space (approximately 60 lots) will be available around the base office facilities.


The base will have its dedicated electrical power supply (380V/400V, 3 Phase, 50Hz,200 kwa) backed-up by suitably sized emergency generators.


A dedicated water supply system (fresh and potted) will be available to all base facilities as well as jetties for transfer to visiting vessels.


Additional Amenities

In support of the base and vessel repair facilities, the following amenities will be in place:

  • COSHH Store compliant with COSHH requirements

  • Rigging Store complete with rigging certification register / log

  • Separate changing & welfare facilities for the base and vessel repair work force, including a First Aid Facility

  • Security post at the base entrance and at jetties, which will be manned on a 24/7/365 basis.

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