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  • Geological Expertise Decision by General Engineering State Institution (No 06-11559, 23.02.18);

  • Compliance Certificate on Concrete quality to A&S Ltd Co from National Certification System of Azerbaijan Republic (No AZ, 28.03.18-28.03-19);

  • Approval (letter) for architectural design of buildings on site (Office, warehouse, workshops etc.) from Azerbaijan Republic Executive Power of Baku city, Architecture and Town-Building Head office (No 18/04-434, 28.12.17)

  • Decision (c/w cover letter No 37/36-05672, 12.12.17) on Compliance of Architectural Design with Fire Safety Requirements from Ministry of Emergency Situation, State Fire Control Services (No 1080, 08.12.17);

  • Decision (c/w cover letter No 04-22/7-786, 06.14.18) on Compliance of Architectural Design with Sanitary-Epidemiology Requirements from Ministry of Health, Republic Hygiene and Epidemiology Center (No AZS 267, 06.04.17);

  • Approval (letter) on Safety of Navigation in developed area from Azerbaijan Republic Defense Ministry (No 10/35, 05.01.18);

  • Ecological Expertise Decision (c/w letter No 15/173, 18.01.18) on Compliance of Quayside Design with Environmental Requirements from Azerbaijan Republic Ecology and Mineral Resources Ministry, State Appraisal Office (No ER-15/14, 18.01.18);

  • Approval (letter) on Safe Navigation in developed area by Azerbaijan Republic State Maritime Administration (No 120/03/05-Az/95, 23.02.18)

  • Approval (c/w letter No 37/34-00066, 10.01.18) of Architectural Design by Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Agency for Control of Safety at Construction Sites, Independent State Expertize Head Office (No 24710, 05.01.18);

  • Land Assignment Act (5.25 Ha) (c/w letters No 18/03-8/2992, 25.10.17.  No 18/038/5759, 06.10.) from Azerbaijan Republic Executive Power of Baku City, Architecture and Town Building Head Office (no17/148, 2017);

  • Certificate of Owner Vessel (3 Ha) from Azerbaijan Republic Property Register Service (No 1071332, 31.05.17);

  • Technical Passport (No 11964, 2006);

  • Land Sketch from Azerbaijan Republic Baku City Garadag District Lokbatan Executive Power Office (No 269, 16.11.17);

  • Decision (letter) on replacing the property status from “recreation area” to “construction of repair and logistics facilities” from Azerbaijan Republic Baku City Executive Power Office (No 457, 01.10.17);

  • Certificate of Recognition for performing listed works and being staffed with qualified specialist and equipped in accordance with relevant standards and requirements from the State Maritime Administration of the Azerbaijan Republic (No 044-17/XV, 24.11.17);

  • AAM Statute (Rev 4, 22.11.17);

  • State Registration Certificate (VOEN) 1700503031 from Ministry of Taxes;

  • Extract from State Register (22.11.17);

  • Instruction from Azersu on water and sewage lines construction on the area (04.02-3/6/26, 05.01.18);

  • Technical Conditions (approval) on electrification of the developed area from Azerisiq (No TX-18/0072, 09.02.18);

  • Approval of Feasibility Study and Architectural Design of Repair and Logistics Base from Azerbaijan Republic Executive Power of Baku City (18/03-8/3134, 08.11.17).

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